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  • Loyal T-Mobile user with iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1. No carrier update to get visual voicemail

    I'm a loyal T-Mobile customer, and I've been using unlocked iPhones on their network for years. I currently have an iPhone 4 which I bought a year ago used (it was from AT&T). It was out-of-contract so I got it factory unlocked via AT&T, so it's permanently unlocked. It works fine on T-Mobile and I've used other GSM networks in other countries and it worked fine. However, visual voicemail has never worked (it would just call the voicemail number, old-school). I was fine with this, until I learned that T-Mobile now sells the iPhone 4 as well as the 4S and 5. So why does visual voicemail work for those other iPhone 4 customers but not me? On Friday, the official launch date of the T-Mobile iPhone 5, I called T-Mobile to make sure I was on one of their brand-new data plans. But I still don't have visual voicemail, they said to wait until Tuesday. I called them again on the phone today (Tuesday) and they mentioned a "Carrier Update" that w
    location: modmyi.com - date: April 16, 2013
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    How to get Visual Voicemail with Google Voice using your existing #

    Until T-Mobile comes out with a native visual voicemail solution I thought I'd post this guide on setting up visual voicemail through Google Voice. Since I have only one phone number, Google Voice as a switchboard for managing multiple phones isnt useful to me. As a voicemail managing service its makes life a lot easier. But the question is how do you get your Google Voice number to field voicemail for your mobile phone number? This is useful for people who want to use Google Voice's voicemail service without having to hand out a new phone number. What you need 1. Google Voice account 2. Pay version of GV Mobile for the iPhone . Costs $2.99. What to do 1. Setup conditional call forwarding Dial the following T-Mobile forwarding codes into the dialer on your iPhone. T-Mobile forwards upto 500 minutes of call time for free if you have the 1000 minutes plus package. Forwarding minutes may vary depen
    location: modmyi.com - date: July 17, 2009
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    [UK] EE iPhone 5 users get visual voicemail

    Quote: The UK's only 4G iPhone 5 option finally brings visual voicemail with it, as EE manages to add the advanced message service into the mix. If you're rocking an iPhone 5 on one of EE's 4G plans, you can now enable visual voicemail by texting "iPhone visual" to 150. It may take up to 24 hours for the visual voicemail to kick into action but the data it uses to download messages is free of charge which may be a relief to those of you on data-strapped 4G plans. Eligible for some Orange iPhone 5 customers on a 35 + plan too. T-Mobile customers will have to wait several weeks.
    location: macrumors.com - date: January 28, 2013
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    Jailbroken UK OTB 1.1.2 iPhone But Can't Get Visual Voicemail! Please Help

    I have just downgraded my 1.1.2 OTB UK o2-UK iphone to 1.1.1 jailbroken and upgraded to 1.1.2 and jailbroken. Everything is working great but the only thing is that I can't use Visual Voicemail. Is there a way to fix this for OTB 1.1.2 UK Jailbroken iPhones?
    location: modmyi.com - date: December 31, 2007
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    Can't Get Visual Voicemail Back

    Hey I recently was using a Three sim in my iPhone, which doesn't support visual voicemail. When I went back to the O2 sim I can't get visual voicemail back. I've tried everything. Reset network settings, restored and set up the phone as a new phone, called O2 to make sure everything was ok at their end. It's still not working. It just dials the voicemail number instead of showing me the messages on screen. Anyone got any advice? Thanks
    location: macrumors.com - date: June 29, 2012
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    is there a way to get Visual Voicemail for t-mobile?

    does anybody have the server that we can input in our setting to get visual voicemail? I know the G1 has it...
    location: modmyi.com - date: September 12, 2009
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    How to check if iphone 5s Tmobile is unlocked (before activating it)

    Hi, I ordered the iphone 5s tmobile (without contract as the Apple Online store says). The website says the phone has a tmobile sim included. My question is, can I just hookup this new iphone 5s to my pc and run itunes on it, and it should popup that the phone is unlocked? I might not activate the phone ie go to tmobile to get a new phone number. Kindly let me know. Thanks in advance!
    location: macrumors.com - date: September 23, 2013
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    Tmobile iphone users: Visual Voicemail app is here! Youmail App

    YouMail officially released their iphone app onto the appstore which means tmobile users can signup for a youmail account and use youmail as there voicemail. Then use the YouMail app to check there voicemail. I personally have been using YouMail for the longest time since it has alot of great features but now that the iphone app is out its 1000 times better. And its all FREE.
    location: macrumors.com - date: June 16, 2009
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    Why doesn't my IPhone 5S get voicemail notifications or visual voicemail?

    I'm having problems getting my voicemail. I called Consumer Cellular and they had me to do a reset network. That worked long enough to get one message then went back to not working. Airplane mode is NOT on and I am connected to wifi at home. Even if I have to get voicemail the old way, that would be fine, but I get no notifications that I even have a voicemail. What's up with that? Anyone have a problem like that?
    location: imore.com - date: March 17, 2015
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    No Visual Voicemail for Sprint iPhone 4S??

    Some places Ive read said that Sprint does not have Visual Voicemail on their iPhone. The handy must have feature where you can view/hear your voicemail in any succession. A standard on AT&T and Verizon. is this true because that would suck for Sprint users and why I didn't move over to them.
    location: ilounge.com - date: October 12, 2011
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